Wednesday, October 14, 2020

What is name of text editor in window to type your SQL queries?

    If you want to edit only SQL Queries. Then you can use in-built editor like "Notepad". There is no specific SQL Query editor pre installed in window OS.

    There is many SQL Editor's are available now days. But I prefer to use "SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Query Editor" to edit quires.

    What is SQL editor?

    SQL Editor is one of the editors within Zen Control Center (ZenCC). The editor allows you to run Structured Query Language (SQL) statements in a Zen database. You may use SQL to retrieve, create, change, or delete data in a database so long as you have database permissions to perform these actions.

    Important Things with SSMS Query Editor

    The text editor implements the base level of functionality and can be used as a basic editor for text files. The other editors, or query editors, extend this functionality base by including a language service that defines the syntax of one of the languages supported in SQL Server. 

    The query editors also implement varying levels of support for editor features such as IntelliSense and debugging. 

    The query editors include the Database Engine Query Editor for use in building scripts containing T-SQL and XQuery statements, the MDX editor for the MDX language, the DMX editor for the DMX language, and the XML/A editor for the XML for Analysis language. 

    You can use the Query Editor to create and run scripts containing Transact-SQL statements.

    List of 20 Best SQL Editor Tools

    1. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
    2. SQLite Studio
    3. MySQL Workbench
    4. Oracle SQL Developer
    5. Adminer
    6. PopSQL
    7. Cluvio
    8. TablePlus
    9. Toad for SQL Server
    10. dbForge Studio
    11. DBeaver
    12. HeidiSQL
    13. datapine SQL Editor
    14. DatabaseSpy SQL Editor
    15. RazorSQL
    16. SQuirreL SQL
    17. Aqua Data Studio
    18. Postico
    19. WinSQL
    20. Valentina Studio
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